Rehabilitation Centre in Kurukshetra

Rehabilitation Centre in Kurukshetra – If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction then don’t feel hopeless. There is hope and there is help.  There is a way to recover from the addiction and live a healthy life. And that way is through a Lifeline Foundations, Rehabilitation Centre in Kurukshetra.

Lifeline Foundations – Best Rehabilitation Centre in Kurukshetra

Lifeline Foundations is the best Rehabilitation Centre in Kurukshetra. We are a government-approved Rehabilitation Centre based in Kurukshetra. We have a team of experienced staff. They all work together to provide a wide range of addiction treatment services to make your life free from addiction. Our Centre was established in 2000 with a single vision of providing quality healthcare and support to people who are suffering from addiction. We operate a Rehabilitation Centre in Kurukshetra as well as other Centres across India where we offer a wide range of services such as –

  • Detoxification – This is the first step of our addiction treatment process, where the toxins and harmful substances are removed from the body under proper medical supervision.
  • Counselling – This is a major part of our treatment program where we help clients to identify the root causes of their problem as well as develop strategies to prevent relapse.
  • Therapy – This includes various modalities. Such as Individual therapy, family therapy, and group therapy with an aim to increase the self-confidence of the patients.
  • Yoga and Meditation – These are complementary therapies that help our patients to feel relaxed and calm and improve their physical and mental well-being.

Reasons to choose our Rehabilitation Centre in Kurukshetra?

Lifeline Foundations is not just a Rehabilitation Centre. It is a place where you can find full recovery from your addiction. Below are the reasons you can consider choosing us for your addiction recovery.

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  • Experienced Team – We have a team of compassionate professionals including doctors, nurses, psychologists, counsellors and social workers. All have years of experience in treating addiction as well as mental health issues.
  • Personalized care – We follow the latest scientific research as well as the best practices for addiction recovery.
  • Affordable service – Our charges are very affordable. In addition, we offer 24×7 service, so you can contact us anytime for support and guidance.
  • Friendly environment – We provide a safe, comfortable as well as hygienic environment for our patients in our Nasha Mukti Kendra in Kurukshetra.

Success Rate

At Lifeline Foundations, we have a high success rate of recovery and have helped thousands of people reclaim their lives from drug or alcohol addiction. Moreover, we have a strong network of volunteers to provide full support to our existing or current patients.

So if you are interested in joining our Rehabilitation Centre, or want to know more about our services then dial +91 7270033333.

Hence, Don’t let addiction ruin your life. Take the first step towards recovery by joining our Rehabilitation Centre in Kurukshetra.

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