Rehabilitation Centre in Jind

Rehabilitation Centre in Jind

Rehabilitation Centre in Jind – Lifeline Foundations is a place where an individual can improve their living with natural remedies. Here we can help you to make the right effort toward your de-addiction and get the effective result that you want. We give direction and teach you a better way of living life. We provide a relaxed, caring, and safe environment that is affordable and conducive so you can effectively heal your addiction. However, starting a new journey in life by leaving the addiction is a great step. We are here to give you the appropriate environment to effectively heal your body and mind.

Why choose our Rehabilitation Centre in Jind for healing?

  • We achieve more than expected:
  • Patients get the desired result that they wish for and also get extensively satisfied.
  • Work with natural remedies:
  • It’s an effective way to cure addiction as well as other issues. People can get effective results with the natural way of treatment and no side effects for that.
  • Well, Experienced as well as knowledgeable doctors, consultants, therapists, etc:
  • The treatment will be provided by qualified and also by experienced doctors, and many more.
  • Available for you 24*7:

Effective environment:

We provide an effective environment that works for you so that you can functionally heal your cure.

Affordable charges:

You can get the desired result at an affordable cost.

Treatment Provided by our Rehabilitation Centre in Jind:

The proper treatment gives the beneficial result that you looking for, we provide the desired treatment according to their addiction.

  • Detoxification,
  • Individual counselling
  • Yoga, meditation
  • Exercises
  • Motivational therapy
  • Drug addiction treatment
  • Mental disorder treatment, Alcohol treatment and many more


The Lifeline Foundation’s mission is to provide the appropriate environment which gives the desired result to the patients. We help them have speedy as well as effective recovery from their addiction and illness.


Our vision is to be the most trustworthy and loyal companion that provides you with treatment. We want to create a positive relationship with our patients so they cannot be scared of their rehabilitation.

Thus, our Rehabilitation Centre in Jind is an effective way to heal yourself from addiction. With the help of our team, you can pay attention to your body and mind so that you can easily heal.

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